Government and Public sector

We develop advanced solutions to local and national public agencies for monitoring and analyzing complex urban and environmental data in the areas in infrastructure development, transportation planning, environmental and cadastral assets and urban digital twins.

Urban asset inventory and maintainance conditions

We collect information on various urban assets, from buildings to roads and roadside objects to create rich inventories documenting conditions and quality of the built environment for planning and management.

Green infrastructure and natural asset

We create detailed inventories of natural asset and green infrastructure, featuring a detailed characterisation of various ecosystem elements, to support municipal investments towards climate resilience and sustainability objectives.

Urban and regional digital twins

We produce fully explorable urban and regional digital twin models from which to monitor urban and territorial assets and develop scenarios by combining street-level images, satellite data, mobility records and thematic data.

Climate change resilience monitoring

We measure climate and enviromental variables at Earth's surface and above to monitor and forecast changes in the weather and climate along with their impact on populations and ecosystems.

Case studies

Urban Digital Twins:
shaping the future
of smart cities

A digital environment for the visualisation, analysis and evaluation of urban and spatial performance and assets

Other sectors


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