Mobility and Transport

We analyze people's travel patterns, quantify road congestion, and identify critical points in transportation infrastructure. Our data helps transport providers and logistics operators optimize supply chains and reduce costs, while also aiding government agencies in making infrastructure investments and sustainable mobility decisions.

Traffic flows and congestion analysis

We generate rich insights into traffic patterns, congestion hotspots, and travel behaviors, empowering transportation authorities to optimize traffic management strategies, alleviate bottlenecks, reduce travel times, and enhance road safety.

Service accessibility assessment

We evaluate accessibility to essential services such as healthcare, education, and public amenities, by considering factors like traffic flow, road conditions, and distance, helping decision-makers develop strategies for more accessible cities.

Point of interest characterisation

We analyse how people interact with and move between various places and destination. This enables businesses to optimize resource allocation and design marketing campaigns and supports urban planners in shaping more interconnected communities.

Infrastructural change impact on mobility

We can assess how infrastructural changes like new roads, public transportation systems, or bike lanes affect travel patterns and transportation modes, to evaluate the effectiveness of infrastructure projects and make data-driven mobility decisions.

Case studies

Shaping the future of
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A digital environment for the visualisation, analysis and evaluation of urban and spatial performance and assets

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