Retail and merchandising

We analyse customer behavior around physical stores, segmenting by demographics such as age, gender, and brand affinity. We use this information to extract insights on footfall, dwell time, and purchase behavior, to help our clients optimize store placement, adjust supply and personnel, and tailoring marketing campaigns to real customer preferences.

Store management

Our customer behavior analytics allow store managers to measure store performance over time, helping them modulate dynamically supply and personnel, and improving efficiency and customer experience.

Insights for visual merchandising

We help retailers evaluate the effectoveness of product placement, window displays and store layout to attract different demographic groups, maximizing impact and creating engaging in-store experiences.

Marketing and outdoor advertisement

We help retailers evaluate the impact of promotions, determine the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, monitor the attendence of marketing events, to see if they reach the desired target.

Brand identity and business operations

We conduct targeted surveys aimed verifyng physical stores business operations and at verifying that these are adhering to guidelines on product placement impacting brand representation.

Case studies

Use case on retail analytics

Enhancing the performance of retail locations while putting the customer and their satisfaction at the center with a rich set of location-based analytics.

Other sectors


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