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A journey into people’s everyday fashion preferences in Milan:
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Traditionally, identifying the latest trend in fashion involved subjective interpretation and a reliance on individual expertise. However, thanks to the convergence of mobile mapping, computer vision and artificial intelligence, the fashion industry is about to witness a paradigm shift, paving the way for objective and data-driven fashion trend detection.

By providing fast, accurate, and comprehensive data, MindEarth is on a mission to help fashion companies stay ahead of the curve and make informed decisions about their product offerings.

The new wave of data-driven fashion: mobile mapping + AI

Mobile mapping involves the use of mobile devices equipped with advanced cameras and sensors to capture rich visual data from various urban environments.

Combined with AI-powered computer vision algorithms, these techniques enable the extraction of valuable fashion-related information from the vast amount of data collected. 

The data encompasses images of people, their clothing choices, accessories,  and even their overall fashion styles, offering insights into color palettes, fabric preferences, style combinations.

This makes it possible to detect style patterns, identify emerging trends, and track the popularity of different fashion elements, effortlessly and in near real time. This data-driven approach removes the subjective biases often associated with trend analysis, providing a more accurate representation of the current fashion landscape.

This allows fashion companies to quickly identify emerging trends and respond to changes in consumer preferences, which is particularly important in an industry where speed and agility are critical to success.

Mapping fashion trends right in its capital

As we delve into the world of fashion, there is no better place for a demonstration than the city center of Milan, Italy’s prestigious fashion capital. 

With our team of mappers, we immersed ourselves in Milan’s vibrant streets to uncover the patterns, textures and colors of Spring and Summer 2022. From the iconic Piazza del Duomo to the stylish Quadrilatero della Moda, we captured the essence of Milan’s high-street style through hundreds of thousands of fully anonymized images.

Women's vibrant hues vs. men's timeless black

We studied the frequency of different dominant colors in Milan throughout Spring and Summer 2022 segmented by clothing items and gender. This gaves us a broad indication of color preferences on the high street.

Our analysis revealed a fascinating insight: women in Milan embrace vibrant hues more than men, as shown for the categories of jackets, shirts, and trousers. For men, black is THE favored choice in various clothing categories. In turn, women had true affinity for the all shades of blue last season, which emerged as the predominant choice particularly for trousers and jackets, reflecting the timeleless appeal and versatility of denim.

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Insights into locals'
outfit choiches

Our research unveils the clothing combinations that most resonate with individual’s personal choices in Milan. Locals favor classic yet stylish looks like t-shirts paired with long jeans or more refined shirt and pants ensembles. Jackets serve as preferred outer layers for cool spring and summer evenings, often complemented by casual pants or long jeans.

Outfit choices change substantially across different areas: the combination of a blazer, shirt, and pants reigns supreme in the sophisticated city center and corporate hub of Tre Torri, where dressing to impress is paramount. In contrast, the vibrant city center embraces a trendy and relaxed aesthetic with jacket, t-shirt, and long jeans combinations. Notably, t-shirt and shorts duos dominate parks and gardens, providing a sunny escape from the city’s hustle and bustle.


Forget sales data:
real-world insight for fashion recommendation

Our models are trained to identify recurrent patterns and correlations between different fashion elements, such as garment types, colours accessories, and clothing styles, giving fashion operators a more complete picture of how different elements are being combined to create new trends.

Revolutionizing fashion analytics with mobile mapping + AI

The fusion of mobile mapping techniques, computer vision, and artificial intelligence is ushering in a remarkable transformation in the realm of high street fashion trends. The ability to collect vast amounts of visual data and analyze it with AI algorithms opens the way to new era of trend detection that is objective, data-driven, and real-time.

As this innovative approach continues to evolve, it promises to shape the future of fashion, enhancing the way trends are identified, tracked, and embraced by both the fashion industry and fashion-conscious individuals.


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